Valley Bounty, November 16: Pies

If you’ve filled your holiday table with the fruits of local fields, orchards, and barnyards, there’s no reason to stop when it comes to dessert.  Roast a pumpkin or squash, sweeten it with maple syrup, and flavor it with local ginger.  Pick your favorite varieties to fill your apple pie, and transform pecan pie by substituting fresh eggs and maple syrup for cloying corn syrup.  Add a nutty flavor to your crust with local flour, then top the whole thing with local whipped cream! Out of time? Farms and retailers are cooking readymade pies for the holidays. Here’s our list of Local Hero farms and markets that have local pies available.  Place your order now to ensure a delicious pie to wow your friends and family with this Thanksgiving!

Want to make your own?

Pie Crust:  I like this recipe from the Homemade Pantry, a great book of recipes for pantry staples by Berkshire food writer Alana Chernila. If it doesn’t roll out perfectly for you, don’t worry! Just patch the holes as best you can, and it will taste great.

Sources for local ingredients:  Local flour is available at the area’s food coops and the Upinngil Farm store.  Many pork producers have lard available if you’d like to substitute that for some of the butter.  Local apple cider vinegar from Apex Orchard is available from the farm, at farmers’ markets, and at some local retailers.

Pie Recipes

Pumpkin or squash pie recipe from Adrie Lester of Wheatberry Cafe and the Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA.  Adrie’s recipe calls for ground dried ginger, but local fresh ginger is available from Old Friends Farm.

Maple Pecan Pie

Apple Pie:  The Massachusetts Maple Association has a maple-sweetened version (scroll down).  If you want something unusual, try Clarkdale Fruit Farms’ lemon custard variation.  My current favorite is a simple and delicious apple tart from Alice Waters via Smitten Kitchen.

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