Valley Bounty: Onions

Farmers are already seeding onions in greenhouses. They’re a cold-hardy crop, and can go into the ground early, later bringing us green onions, round young spring onions, and long-storing white and red types. It’s these last, of course, that we are still enjoying even as next year’s crop is planted. Onions make many things better: roasted root vegetables, scrambled eggs, pizza. They can also star on their own, whether sweet and slow-cooked, quick-pickled, or grilled. For a quick lunch, try topping bread and cheese with deep brown caramelized onions.

Valley Bounty is written by Margaret Christie

Sources: Try winter farmers’ markets, farm stores, or farms offering bulk purchases for a supply of local onions at this time of year.


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Local food blogger Meggin Thwing Eastman’s Quick Pickled Onions.