Valley Bounty: Sprouts and Shoots

Sprouts (grown in water) and shoots (grown in soil) are both good options to add a greater variety of fresh greens to a winter New England diet. Grow sprouts on your kitchen counter, or buy sprouts or shoots from a local producer. Add them to a salad of grated winter roots (beets, carrots, and radishes, for example), to a grilled cheese sandwich, or to a stirfry. Look for sunflower and pea shoots, mixed microgreens, or sprouts ranging from alfalfa to broccoli to radish.

Valley Bounty is written by Margaret Christie

Sources: Local farms growing shoots and microgreens include Queen’s Greens, Sweet Morning Farm, and Old Friends Farm. The Gill Greenery supplies sprouts to many local markets; read more about them here.


Never grown your own sprouts? Find seeds at local food coops, and instructions here.