Valley Bounty: Squash and Pumpkin Seeds

Winter squash and pumpkins are famous for their flesh—roasted, baked or used in soups and pies—but their seeds often go straight to the compost pile. This is a tragedy! Save the seeds! They are a great source of fiber, protein, and heart healthy fats, and are delicious roasted with a little oil or butter, salt, and spices. Squash seeds aren’t likely to aggravate allergies, so you can even send them to school. Find a variety of recipes—featuring cumin, chile, and even cinnamon-sugar below!

By Abby Getman of Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture


These recipes can substitute your favorite winter squash seed for pumpkins, but be aware cooking times may fluctuate based on the hull of the seed.

Consumer Credit has a Talking Cents column which featured quick and easy seed making with a recipe here. Mix it up and sprinkle some chili powder in with the salt! Substitute the canola oil with coconut oil and add cumin! Or try another variation – feel free to have fun and use flavors you enjoy.

Maple pumpkin seeds? Yes please! Find a basic recipe here and feel free to spice with your favorite savory spices. I plan on mixing fennel seeds with the delicata squash seeds I’m planning to make with this recipe.