Valley Bounty: Sunchokes

Sunchokes, also called Jerusalem Artichokes, are sunflower-sprouting tubers native to the US and Canada. They have a sweet flavor owing to a relatively large amount of inulin, a polymer of fructose. In many dishes, sunchokes can be substituted for potatoes for a variation that’s sweeter and a bit less starchy. Try cutting sunchokes into one- or two-bite wedges, then blanching them quickly before tossing with olive oil and salt and baking.

Valley Bounty is written by Brian Snell.

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Check out CISA’s list of local farms that grow sunchokes, or find them at farmers’ marketsfarm stands, or retailers that prioritize local sourcing.

Try this recipe for Sunchoke Soup with Bacon and Oyster Mushrooms, or this one for Sunchoke and Kale Hash with Farro.