Valley Bounty: Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes store beautifully, making them a great way to eat more local in the winter. My father calls them “American’s most under-rated vegetable,” and although I disagreed with him as a child, I’ve come around. A couple of sweet potatoes, thrown into the oven while you’re cooking something else, make a great addition to all sorts of other things—mashed into refried beans, on salad, or added to a smoothie. Or try them grated and fried with onions, garlic, and kale, and topped with a fried egg. Find sources on the Valley Bounty page at

Valley Bounty is written by Margaret Christie


Here’s our list of local farms that grow sweet potatoes. This time of year, however, your best bet is a farmers’ market or retailer who prioritizes local sourcing.


Find our collection of sweet potato recipes here.