Wanted: 4 TerraCorps Members with Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust

Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust Seeks 4 TerraCorps Members for August 31st, 2020-July 30th, 2021 Term.
For more information and to apply, visit

Mount Grace is a regional land trust that is deeply rooted in collaboration. Since 1986, we have worked with dozens of partners and hundreds of landowners to protect more than 34,000 acres of land featuring woods, streams, farms, and trails in our picturesque rural region. Nestled between Gardner and Greenfield and anchored by the Quabbin Reservoir and its thousands of acres of pristine trails, we are working throughout 23 towns to foster a deep conservation ethic. We are nationally recognized for our innovative and collaborative projects, and Mount Grace was the home and founder of the TerraCorps program. Four of our eleven staff are AmeriCorps alumni, three of whom served with TerraCorps specifically. This year, we are seeking four TerraCorps Members who will be fully integrated into our conservation, stewardship, and engagement teams. We are committed to developing the next generation of conservation leaders, and we are continually inspired by the creativity and vision of the TerraCorps Members who choose to join us each year.

Our region is beautiful and precious—and has benefited from a tremendous legacy of land conservation—but we have so many more people to reach and land to protect. We are ready for the the 2020-2021 team to help us create the next chapter of Mount Grace’s story. Please visit to learn more about our work.

Regional Collaboration Coordinator

(Click title or contact Sarah Wells to learn more:

  • Lead a team to organize the annual statewide Open Space Conference to empower local volunteer conservationists to do projects in their communities.
  • Coordinate the North Quabbin Regional Landscape Partnership to bring partners together to collaborate on urgent conservation and stewardship topics affecting our region.
  • Create workshops to help landowners learn their conservation and land management options.

Regional Collaboration Coordinator

(Click title or contact Rocio Lalanda to learn more:

  • Provide catalyzing support for working groups of the Greater Quabbin Food Alliance, an informal network that works on farm viability, land access, food access and equity, and community health issues.
  • Help design and implement a farm conservation neighborhood project.
  • Create a Strategic Farmland Conservation Map that will guide the next era of Mount Grace’s farm protection work.

Youth Engagement Coordinator

(Click title or contact Marielena Lima to learn more:

  • Organize in-class programming, field trips, and trail projects with local elementary schools.
  • Collaborate with Tribal Nation representatives to provide curriculum and guided field trips on the land for local elementary students.
  • Organize and create events on conservation lands to increase awareness and appreciation of nature and the outdoors for underserved students.

Land Stewardship Coordinator

(Click title or contact Kim Lynn Nguyen to learn more:

  • Create a citizen-science volunteer team to conduct natural resource inventories of birds, amphibians, and other species on conservation areas to record changes resulting from wildlife habitat. management projects as well as climate change
  • Create a pollinator garden at the Mount Grace headquarters and increase community awareness of the importance of pollinators.
  • Enhance and expand the Volunteer Stewardship Program by recruiting and training volunteers to monitor conservation lands and hiking trails.


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