Wanted: Land for Small-Scale Rabbitry

ISO Land for Small-Scale Rabbitry

My name is Kyle and I’ve been working in vegetable (and small scale livestock) production in the Pioneer Valley for the past 5 years. This year I’m hoping to start a small-scale rabbitry (for selling meat, hides, breeding stock and pets) and am therefore looking for a very small parcel of land to host it. I’m in Northampton so somebody who has a large backyard in the area would be a great candidate! If you’re interested but worried about livestock in your backyard, fear not because rabbits are not noisy, not smelly, take up very little space and are of course extremely cute!

The Details:

A small-scale rabbitry would have a very low impact on your land – mostly just a large hutch ideally positioned in the shade on the edge of a yard with a small storage set up for feed, replacement waterers, cages, etc. I would be starting small in late summer/early fall with about 8 cages (2 bucks, 4 does, and 2 cages for kits) but if you had the space for me to pasture the kits in small tractors that would be amazing! Pasturing kits is really just moving them in a small mobile hutch through a grassy area for about 5-6 weeks while they grow before processing. It would take very little space and only have a positive impact on your land. For processing, it would be great to be able to do this on your land, but if not that is okay. Processing rabbits can be done in a very small, outdoor space and does not create a large mess. I could either dispose of/compost offal in a place you designate or find somewhere off-site. I would also need to be able to access the space in the AM & PM to make sure the rabbits are in good health.


I would be more than willing to pay a fair price to rent a small parcel of land though I am also keen to barter. I could barter rabbit meat, hides, manure or other crafts/services I can provide – such as homemade mead, candles, and canned goods or help in your garden, landscaping, etc. It’s really all up to your needs/desires, so if you’re interested call or text me at 978-880-8031 and we can talk through all of the details.

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