Wanted: new home for Compost Cooperative

The Compost Cooperative in Greenfield offers compost pickup services to residents, businesses, and institutions while building co-operative business ownership among people who have been incarcerated.They are looking for a new home on a farm or other business within 10 miles of Greenfield (Greenfield, Deerfield, Turners, Bernardston are ideal, Sunderland and Whately are a little far, but possible). They need:

  • access through the week
  • water access through the year
  • a place to store our 32-gallon and 64-gallon containers
  • shelter for our vehicles
  • if possible, heated storage (for compostable bags) and office space
  • space to grow!

They can offer:

  • clean certified organic grow materials from cannabis growers (if they wanted to start or enrich a compost pile)
  • advertising/exposure for the farm through our local customers and Facebook page: we have an active and engaged following
  • possibilities of grant funding as our partner. Grants we’ve received in the past include for equipment, personnel, workforce development, and to increase diversion— others could include building composting infrastructure. We just received an Urban Agenda Grant from the Commonwealth to increase curbside pickups in Greenfield
  • some rent!

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