Welcoming the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust this summer!

This August 2-4, the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust community will converge on the campus of Smith College for an extraordinary conference called   We the Land!  A Gathering for Indigenous, Black, Latinx, Asian, SWANA & PoC Earth Workers, Land Stewards, and Farmers.

Whether or not you are attending, as local allies and advocates for this community, we can support the gathering in two meaningful ways:

1) Make a financial contribution to NEFOC LT to support an equitable fee structure for conference participants.   The sliding scale for the three-day event is $15-550.   You can help create more capacity by offsetting conference costs.

2) Offer housing and carpooling!    Whether or not you are a person of color, the conference organizers welcome offers of homestays or ridesharing for conference goers.    Click here to access a spreadsheet where you can describe yourself and the resources you can offer.

For more information about the conference, you can reach the organizers at    For more information about how to support or engage with NEFOC LT during the convergence, email Gaby Immerman at the Smith College Botanic Garden, which is serving as the on-campus partner for the gathering, at