Wholesale Resource List

A list of retailers of packing supplies for wholesale such as boxes, crates, and containers, as well as growing supplies like soil, vegetable trays, pots, etc. We spoke to several farmers in the Valley to get their input on their suppliers, including the types of products these farmers tended to source and comments about the business.

Packing, Harvest, Shipping Supplies

Andler Packaging Group, Springfield, MA
(800) 333-1113
Poly bags, boxes, plastic packaging, etc.

Associated Bag, New Kingstown, PA
Some say they have the most affordable mesh bags for onions and other items. Also have tape, boxes, etc.

Atlantic Poly
(866) 342-6554
Ziplock bags, and many other types of poly bags, etc.

Brookdale Fruit Farm, Hollis, NH
Offer bushel baskets and crates along with other drip irrigation and growing supplies

Globe Bag, Woburn, MA
(800) 892-2004
Bags for market stand, including corn/potato/onion packing, and woven polypropylene bags for bulk root storage.

Griffin Greenhouse & Nursery Supplies, Tewksbury, MA
(978) 851–4346
Plant containers. They purchased Milikowski.

Harvest Farm of Whately, Whately, MA
(413) 665-2030
Plastic trays, growing supplies, soil, elastics, etc.

MDI (Minnesota Diversified Industries) Plastics, MN
Among other corrugated plastic products, they produce reusable plastic shipping boxes with optional logo and lid.

NOFA MASS Bulk Order, Barre, MA
(508) 224-3088
A collective buying program that includes packing supplies like berry boxes and rubber bands, and a wide range of other supplies targeting organic growers. The order is open every year during the month of January.

Nolt’s Produce Supplies, Hershey, PA
(717) 656-9764
Offer all kinds of implements, greenhouse supplies, and harvest/pack materials. Many farmers have mentioned they have the lowest prices to be found.

Orbis, Oconomowoc, WI
Offer plastic tomato shipping trays and other hard plastic containers and harvest/shipping totes.

PCA (Packaging Corp. of America), Westfield, MA
(413) 562-0610
(800) 898-2474
Waxed boxes, cardboard tomato boxes, cardboard shipping trays, pint/quart containers, etc. Sold in large quantities by the case and by the pallet.

Putnam Plastics, West Carrollton, OH
(800) 457-3099
Sells a variety of plastic products. Their perforated BL-3 liner is for 1/2 bushel and can fit 5# of salad mix.

Skip’s Marine, Inc., New Bedford, MA
(508) 993-9446
Assorted wax boxes, insulated packaging, etc. intended for fish, but usable for other products as well. Plastic fish totes are used by some produce farms as harvest totes (dragged by a rope between rows).

Uline, Breinigsville, PA
(800) 295-5510
Wax boxes, plastic bags, pails, plastic bins.

Other Miscellaneous Growing Supplies

B.W. Macknair & Son, Lewistown, PA
(717) 543 -5136
Horse and tractor drawn used and parts.

Charles Harris Co.
(508) 824-5607

(800) 382-8473
Outdoor work gear and a wide range of other supplies.

(203) 272-8147
Greenhouse frames.

Growers Supply, Dyersville, IA
(800) 476-9715
Greenhouse supplies and a wide range of other supplies (a division of FarmTek).

FarmTek, Dyersville, IA
(800) 327-6835
Greenhouse supplies and a wide range of other supplies.

Fertrell, Bainbridge, PA
(717) 367-1566
Organic and natural soil care products, fertilizers, and animal supplements.

I & J Manufacturing, Gap, PA
(717) 442-9451
Horse and tractor drawn equipment.

(507) 826-3777
Tractor manual reprints.

Kennco Mfg, Ruskin, FL
(813) 645-2591
Farm equipment.

Ledgewood Farm Greenhouse Frames, Moultonborough, NH
(603) 476-8829
Greenhouse frames.

Market Farm Implement, Friedens, PA
(814) 443-1931
Wash line equipment and other farm equipment.

Northern Safety Co.
(800) 631-1246
Distributor of personal protective equipment and safety equipment.

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Grass Valley, CA
(888) 784-1722

Pioneer Equipment Inc., Dalton, OH
Horsedrawn equipment.

Rain-Flo Irrigation, East Earl, PA
(717) 445-6976
Irrigation, row cover, and equipment for planting with drip tape.

Roeters Farm Equipment, Grant, MI
Used and new farm equipment

Waldo and Associates, Perrysburg, OH
(800) 468-4011
Greenhouse supply.

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