WRSI: Abundance Farm

WRSI, May 9, 2022. Rose Cherneff, Farm Manager, and Yani Counelis, pick your own participant, of Abundance Farm in Northampton, join Monte to talk about education, community building, and food justice at the farm.

“Abundance Farm is a one-acre community farm focused on education, community-building, and food justice, right on Prospect St.,” says Rose.

With their pick-your-own program, open to all community members, “we grow food and invite anyone to come pick it themselves,” she says.

As a project of Congregation B’nai Israel, together with the Lander Grinspoon Academy and Northampton Survival Center, Abundance Farm is guided by Jewish principles. One is called “Pe’ah,” which according to Rose advises farmers, “don’t think you’re giving away your food, know that it already belongs to the people who come to pick it. And when possible, people should pick it themselves.”

“We’ve noticed that when people come to Abundance Farm and pick food, there’s a human impulse to give back while receiving,” Rose continues. “Maybe that’s sharing a recipe or weeding in the garden.”

Want to be part of it? You don’t have to be Jewish. You just have to be you. And Don’t be late 😉

Come, pick, and stick around to meet new friends, maybe enjoy some music, and laugh the COVID blues away.

Says Rose, “our opening day of pick-your-own this year is Monday May 16th, 2-6, and we’ll be open every Monday 2-6 and Thursday 3-6. Just come by 253 Prospect St. in Northampton.”