WRSI: Davenport Maple Farm Restaurant

Owner Lisa Davenport and restaurant Manger Michelle Olanyk talk about the magic of maple syrup season, and what awaits you at Davenport Maple Farm and Restaurant in Shelburne. Open Sat-Sun 8-3 starting February 26th!

“You’ll turn off Route 2 and head up into the hills,” says Lisa. “You’ll see the farm ahead of you, steam coming out the top of the restaurant building, and smell the aroma of maple syrup cooking which is unique to the Northeast. And the view is beautiful.”

“Walking into the restaurant and your greeted like family, and seated like family.” Pancakes, french toast with homemade cinnamon swirl bread (both have gluten free options), waffles, and more. “If you have to wait you can walk over to the evaporator room and see us making syrup. See the sap come in and see us draw off the finished product.”

Plus you get to hunt for gnomes! There are over 40 gnomes in the evaporator room. Few have found them all. Can you?

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