WRSI: Esselon Cafe

“We make our menu based on what we can get locally,” says Mark Krause, owner of Esselon Cafe and Coffee Roasting in Hadley. We don’t just decide to do something one day, we look to see what local food is around and create meals based on that.” Great to have them on CISA’s #localherospotlight on WRSI last week!

“It’s gotten much easier to get local ingredients throughout the winter since I started,” Mark adds. “Local greens, root vegetables, Mi Tierra Tortillas, Kitchen Garden Farm sriracha,” all are winter menu staples.

Outdoor dining in Esselon’s garden is a treat. No matter where you eat, “over the winter, we’re making sure our employees and customers feel safe,” Mark continues, with curbside service available and COVID protocols in place.

Esselon Cafe is open everyday 7-5, now serving breakfast all day! (kitchen open ’til 3)