WRSI: Queens Greens

Danya Teitelbaum of Queen’s Greens in Amherst talks about how they’re able to grow such a hefty haul of local greens in western Mass throughout the winter – 3,000 pounds per week!

Queen’s Greens used to sell year-round, but this year found their niche as a winter-only grower. The demand is there, says Danya. “People are super excited to eat fresh spinach and salad greens this time of year.” Plus it fits her and her partner Matt’s parenting schedule, and they’re darn good at winter farming.

Their greens are all grown in passive high tunnel greenhouses, “in natural soil, off-grid, with no heating or grow lights,” Danya shares. When the sun shines, it can be 50 degrees under there – a positive example of the greenhouse effect. Meanwhile, compared to some forms of winter growing, their low-energy operation contributes much less to the big bad greenhouse effect driving climate change.

Picked one day, brightening your winter plate the next. Find Queen’s Greens spinach and more in stores near you, many local restaurants, and on the salad bar at Smith College, Mt. Holyoke College, and UMass Amherst.