NEPM: Lakeside PYO Strawberries


It’s strawberry season! Maybe the best in a long time, says farmer Joe Czajkowski who owns Lakeside Pick-Your-Own Strawberries in Hadley. Hear Joe’s take on: 

  • Taste testing different varieties, from lime-sized juicy berries to thumb-sized sweet ones.  
  • Selling to UMass and many nearby public schools, and how he’d “rather see the country run by 100 cafeteria ladies than the Senate we have now.”
  • Aaaand… the continuing debate about how to pronounce “asparagus.” Maybe the Czajkowskis have it right?

You can pick your own strawberries or grab a fresh-picked quart every day from 7:30am to 7pm. Lakeside has two neighboring fields in Hadley at 326 River Drive and 403 River Drive – look for the cart and sign to see which one is picking today!