Goal: Double Local Food

Farms + Involved Community = Sustaining Local Agriculture

Local farms are the foundation of our community. They provide us with fresh, healthy food and vital farm products, from fruits and vegetables, to wood, fiber and more. Farms also contribute to a strong local economy, provide local jobs, and help to preserve our environment and the rural character of our region.

Our goal is to double the amount of local food in the diets of Pioneer Valley residents by 2035. Almost all of us can do more to prioritize local food when making our food purchases, and we can also work together to make sure that locally grown food is easily accessible to residents throughout our region. Read more here about how we arrived at this goal and why we think it’s doable.  Here are a few ways that you can help to double local food!

Take action in your home

  • Buy more local food
  • Cook more and use the freshest ingredients for your meals, grown by local farmers
  • Eat more seasonally and plan for winter

Take action in your community

Your neighborhood

  • Invite people to your house for a local potluck
  • Share gardening tips, tools and harvests with neighbors

Your school

  • Help your school start a garden and make it a part of the school curriculum
  • Advocate for the school cafeteria to buy more from local farms
  • We’ve got Farm to School resources and partners here!

Your workplace

  • Encourage your workplace to offer payroll deduction for CSA farm shares
  • Inquire whether your health insurance plan covers part of the cost of a CSA farm share, as it might for a gym membership
  • Request more local food in your work cafeteria
  • Buy local food for work meetings and events

Your hometown

  • If your town lacks an agricultural commission, help start one
  • Volunteer for a town committee or board that can impact farm businesses, e.g. zoning, planning or public health
  • Participate in efforts to make new land available to farmers

Your local economy

  • Eat at restaurants and shop at food markets and other businesses that are committed to sourcing locally

Your democracy

  • Educate yourself on CISA’s website and take action on state and national issues that affect your local farmers
  • Find out how candidates for public office will help double the amount of local food in our diets
  • Vote!


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