Holiday Roasts & Turkeys

Holiday Roasts

Looking to use local meat for your holiday roasts? We’ve compiled a few farms that are selling holiday meats below, and there are more producers that have the cuts you are looking for. Check our online guide to find local beef, lamb, pork, and more!

Be sure to reach out to the farms directly for more details and to pre-order!

Austin Brothers Valley Farm – Belchertown
(413) 668-6843
Products available: Beef, Pork

Foxbard Farm – Shelburne
(413) 625-4604
Products available: Beef

Hager’s Farm Market – Shelburne
(413) 625-6323
Products Available: Beef, Pork

Kinne Brook Farm – Worthington
(413) 238-8001
Products Available: Beef, Pork

Maple Hill Farm – Hardwick
(413) 477-0232
Products Available: Beef

River Rock Farm – Brimfield
(413) 245-0249
Products Available: Beef

Walker Farm at Whortleberry Hill – New Braintree
(508) 317-2790
Products Available: Beef

Wheel-View Farm – Shelburne
(413) 625-2900
Products Available: Beef

Holiday Turkeys

Looking for a local turkey? We’ve called around to our Local Hero farms and retailers to see who has local birds available, so place your orders now to ensure a delicious bird for your holiday table! Many of these farms also have other meat products available for the holidays.

Looking for sweet potatoes and other veggies to accompany your meal? Finding them is easy in CISA’s online guide!

Turkey Producers

D & R Farm – Hampden
(413) 566-3708
I was raised on a turkey farm, run by my parent and grandparent for 48 years with a large processing plant and store. Now we raise our own turkeys and other poultry with no hormones, because we want to know what we are eating and want our friends and neighbors to be able to do so too!  Turkeys are available fresh through Thanksgiving, and frozen thereafter. Price is $4.00 per lb and turkeys weigh 9 to 22 lb. Call to order – turkeys can be picked up at our farm stand. Order soon, we may run out.

Diemand Farm – Wendell
(978) 544-3806

UPDATE: Diemand Farm has stopped taking pre-orders for Thanksgiving turkeys and any special orders. They will have limited sizes available for walk-in customers only. Please visit their farm store to see about availability. If you have already pre-ordered a Diemand Farm turkey, pick up is on the farm Sunday to Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Call or visit the farm store, open Monday-Saturday 7am-5pm, and Sunday 10am-3pm through Thanksgiving. The farm store also sells a variety of yummy foods prepared on-site, including fruit pies, stuffing, gravy (made with Four Star Farms flour!), cran-orange or cran-apple (also made with local apples) relish, butternut squash (from Joe in Hadley) and much more.

SOLD OUT – Hettie Belle Farm – Warwick 
(978) 544-6241
Hettie Belle Farm is a pasture-based family farm raising high quality, grass-fed and organically-raised meat and poultry for local families. Holiday turkeys range from 18-28 lb and are sold at a flat rate of $100 each. These heritage breed turkeys are raised on grass and fed only certified organic grain. Thanksgiving turkeys can be picked up on the farm in Warwick or in Northampton. Find the poultry order form or place an order directly online.

SOLD OUT – Little Brook Farm – Sunderland
(413) 665-3802
Little Brook Farm has pasture-raised, frozen turkeys available from 14-28 lb. Call (413) 665-3802 or email to see what sizes are still available and reserve your bird as soon as possible! Pick up is by appointment.

Lukasik Family Farm – South Hadley
(413) 534-5697
FRESH FOR THANKSGIVING: Our own all natural native turkey at a variety of sizes at $3.95/lb. We start taking Thanksgiving orders October 1st. Please order early as we sell out every year.

Young farm broiler chickens averaging 3.5 lb are also available beginning September for $4.00/lb. Our own fresh hen pheasants ranging from 2-2.5 lb are available year round; 2 per pack at $7.95/lb. 2-3 lb packs of frozen ground turkey are available for $5.95/lb. Frozen birds in a range of sizes are available year round. Large brown eggs are available for $4.50/dozen. Our store is open Saturday mornings 8am til 12 noon, and open full holiday weeks.

Stillman Quality Meats, LLC – Hardwick
(413) 277-9600
Traditional and heritage type turkeys are available fresh or as whole roasting birds, or as cut up parts including breasts, ground, and sausages. Our fresh turkeys are raised under strict standards of animal welfare and custom processed on our farm in our state of the art poultry abattoir.  Our turkeys are all pasture raised and fed all natural diets, free of antibiotics. Stillman’s can also accommodate requests for smoked or brined birds! Prices range from $90-$165+ for a traditional bird or $150 for a heritage type turkey. Orders can be placed online, over the phone at 1-413-277-9600, or through email, and supplies are limited! Our pre-order deadline is November 15th. Pick-up is available in Western MA, at the farm in Hardwick, and in the Boston area. Fresh turkeys will be available for pick up the week before Thanksgiving. To see our full menu or to order online visit our website.

Tanstaafl Farm – Greenfield
(413) 773-5232
Tanstaafl Farm has a limited number of frozen, pasture-raised turkeys available for the holidays. Turkeys range from 18-24 lb and are available at $4.00/lb. Orders can be placed by phone or email. There is no order deadline, but turkeys are first-come, first-serve.

Retailers and Farm Stands Selling Local Turkeys

Atlas Farm Store – South Deerfield
(413) 397-3587
Order Hettie Belle Farm pastured, 100% antibiotic and hormone free turkey for Thanksgiving and pick it up at the store.

Atkins Farms Country Market – Amherst
Offering Diemand Farm natural, free-range, fresh 12-27 lb turkeys. Order by 11/17. Thanksgiving pies are also available.

Flayvors of Cook FarmHadley
(413) 584-2224
Offering Diemand Farm natural, free-range, fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving. Call or stop by to order by 11/4. Thanksgiving pies are also available.

Foster’s SupermarketGreenfield
(413) 773-1100
Offering Diemand Farm natural, free-range fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving. Call or stop by to order by 11/10.

Green Fields Market– Greenfield and McCusker’s Market- Shelburne Falls
GFM (413) 773-9567; McCusker’s (413) 625-2548
Holiday turkeys from Mary’s (organic $4.79/lb or non-GMO $3.29/lb), Diemand Farm in Wendell ($3.89/lb), Plainville ($2.99/lb), and Stonewood Farms ($3.49). Pies, cooked turkeys, cooked sides, and more are available for pre-order as well. Call or stop by to order by November 18th.

Hager’s Farm Market Shelburne Falls
(413) 625-6323
Offering Diemand Farm natural, free-range, fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving. Birds are $3.89/lb and range in size from 12 to 27 lb. There is a $25 deposit due when placing your order. Orders must be placed by Sunday, November 4th, and pick-up begins Monday, November 19th. Call (413) 625-6323 to place an order or stop by the store – open Monday-Friday from 6:30am to 7pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 7:30am to 7pm.

Holiday pies and goodies are also available – fruit pies, traditional pies, cream pies, mousse pies, whoopie pies, cupcakes, cookies, apple cider doughnuts and holes, apple dumplings, apple fritters, scones, turnovers, sticky buns, fruit tarts, cinnamon rolls, and loaves of fresh bread!

Keystone Market – Shelburne Falls
(413) 625-8400
Offering turkeys from Shady Brook Farm, available up until Thanksgiving. Open Monday-Saturday from 7:00am to 7:00pm, and Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm.

Leverett Co-Op– Leverett
(413) 367-9794
Offering Diemand Farm natural, free-range fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving. Orders must be made by phone or in person by 11/5. You will also find local and regional gourmet condiments, great wine, and craft beer to go with your meal. Thanksgiving pies are also available.

Maple Farm Foods Hadley
Offering locally grown Diemand Farm natural, hormone and antibiotic-free, free-range, fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving. Orders must be in by 11/2 with deposit. Thanksgiving pies are also available.

Millstone Farm Market– Sunderland
(413) 665-0543
Offering Diemand Farm natural, free-range, fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving. Orders must to be placed no later than Sunday, 11/4 at 5pm for size preference (12-28 lb). Limited sizes will be available after 11/4. Pre-orders can be placed by phone or in person and cost will be $4.19/lb. Diemand gravy, store-made sausage and stuffing, Thanksgiving pies, garlic knots, as well as other baked goods will be available.

North Hadley Market– Hadley
(413) 585-8820
Offering Diemand Farm natural, free-range, fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving! Birds are available at $3.89/lb and range from 12 to 27+ lb. Orders must be in by 11/5 with a $20 deposit. Call (413) 585-8820 or stop in today! Thanksgiving pies, all made from scratch right here, are also available.

The Old Creamery Co-op – Cummington
(413) 634-5560
Offering Diemand Farm natural, free-range, fresh, turkeys for Thanksgiving at $3.89/lb. Orders must be placed over the phone or in person by 10/31. Pre-order your Thanksgiving pies by November 22nd. Many options are available including our local maple pecan pie and apple pies using local apples. 

Quabbin Harvest – Orange
(978) 554-6784
Offering Diemand Farm natural, free-range, fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving. Pre-orders available, deadline 11/4. Some availability at the store after the deadline as well.

Randall’s Farm & Greenhouse – Ludlow
(413) 589-7071
Offering Bob’s Turkey Farm turkeys from Lancaster, MA. Please pre-order by November 6th. Thanksgiving pies are also available, including gluten-free options.

River Valley Co-op– Northampton
(413) 584-2665
River Valley Co-op has a variety of fresh birds available from Diemand farm (Wendell, MA), Stonewood Farm (Orwell, VT), and Misty Knoll Farm (New Haven, VT). The deli also offers a fully cooked Misty Knoll house-roasted turkey breast for the holiday. Customers can order at the meat and seafood counter or by calling (413) 584-2665. Pre-order deadline is November 18th, and after that it is what is available on the shelves- which is plenty! Local apple crisp and apple Thanksgiving pies are available as well as other options.

Simple Gifts Farm – Amherst
(413) 230-3262
Simple Gifts Farm Store has pasture-raised Maple Wind Farm turkeys for pre-order, both certified organic, and non-GMO-fed. Order in person, at the store, or by phone before November 12th for pickup the Sunday through Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Sutter Meats – Northampton
(413) 727-3409
Offering Misty Knoll (VT) turkeys for Thanksgiving. Orders must be placed by November 5th.

The Williamsburg Market Williamsburg
(413) 268-3006
Offering Diemand Farm natural, free-range, fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving. Orders must be placed over the phone or in person by 10/31, and note that quantities are limited, so order early. Thanksgiving pies are also available.

Farms and markets – if you would like to be added to the turkey or roast list please email Zoey Sloate or call her at 413-665-7100 ext. 27.