Call to Action: Work and Family Mobility Act

For over 15 years, organizers and advocates across Massachusetts have fought to win drivers licenses for all. In the last few years, the campaign has grown, and we are closer than ever to passing the Work and Family Mobility Act!  This bill will allow all Massachusetts drivers to apply for the standard driver’s license, regardless of immigration status. If we pass it, MA will be the 17th state in the US to do so.  

At CISA, we are working hard with the Driving Families Forward Coalition and with the Pioneer Valley Workers Center to win passage of the bill. We hope you will join us.

Like many inequities in our society, the pandemic has only further highlighted how important it is for undocumented immigrants to have access to drivers licenses. So many of the people who pick the food that is grown in our local farms in western Massachusetts are immigrant farmworkers who often drive long distances to get to work. In the last year and a half, it is ever more clear how essential their labor and wellness is for our society to function. As a community who believes in food justice and equality for those who work in the food system, it is vital that CISA members show up for the immigrant community by supporting this legislation. 

Let’s help get this passed!  Right now, the state legislature is preparing to vote on the bill, but they need more pressure and attention from their constituents!  

Direct Phone Calls

Please join us in calling legislators across our region!

The Driving Families Forward Coalition is hosting an action hour on Tuesday Feb 15th at 6 PM. Please add your voice! RSVP here.


These legislators have not yet supported the Work and Family Mobility Act. Call and encourage them to support this vital legislation!

Once you have called, let us know how it went!

Hello, my name is ____ and I live in _____.  I care deeply about local farms and all the people who work on farms to feed my family. As  a community member of CISA,  I’m calling to encourage you to cosponsor the Work and Family Mobility Act.  Let’s get this passed this fall!

*House members are who need to hear from you today! (Feb 15)

These Legislators are already Co-Sponsors of the Work and Family Mobility Act: Call them and thank them!

Hello, my name is ____ and I live in _____.  I care about local farms and everyone who works on farms and calling as am a community member of CISA.  I’m calling to thank you for cosponsoring the Work and Family Mobility Act.  Let’s get it passed! 

*House members are who need to hear from you today! (Feb 15)