Greenfield Cooperative Bank

Greenfield Cooperative is a community bank founded in 1869 offering competitive rates on residential and commercial loans throughout the Pioneer Valley.

“Being a small bank, situated in the communities that we serve, we are able to give our depositors a higher level of attention than they may receive at a large bank,” explains Michael Tucker, President and CEO. When the pandemic hit, Greenfield Cooperative stepped up to the plate to become a PPP lender, and to work with customers ultimately postponing approximately $1 million worth of interest.

Last year, Greenfield Cooperative Bank gave $250,000 away to over 200 different agencies and organizations, including CISA. “That’s our dividend to the community, if you will, since we don’t have stockholders,” says Tucker. “We are proud to support organizations like CISA that benefit our communities and help to keep them healthy. Who doesn’t love a fresh tomato, or asparagus in the spring. The availability of local food, at a reasonable price, is one of the things that makes the Pioneer Valley so attractive and improves the quality of life.”

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