Hiring: Multiple Positions – Old Friends Farm

Interested in working on a small-ish, diversified farm?
We have a couple positions available for 2017!
Apply by emailing us a letter of interest and your resume. We will begin interviewing in Oct.

We will not be picking up any additional employees for 2016.
ALL POSITIONS FOR 2017 ARE FULL-TIME.  Start and end dates vary per position.
Each position is listed under a different heading:


From order collection to organizing to paperwork to computer work to general flow of systems to social media to online sales to salad packing to deliveries… this position is perfect for a systems thinker/doer who likes keeping track of a lot of details and thrives in a multi-task environment.  Ideal candidate has: excellent communication skills, dedication and diligence, inherent efficiency and reliability.  Mon-Fri; April-early Dec.

Market & Field

Retail oriented position, as this person is the face of the farm at both of our farmers markets and harvesting for those markets on the veggie harvest team.  Ideal candidate has: fun, outgoing people skills, excellent retail experience for displays, selling, and customer service, fast hands and able body for harvest and field work, and thrives on helping customers connect with our produce and products.  Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat; April-early Dec.


Flower harvest, processing and filling orders, including special events.  This is a team position with one to two others.  Two options for schedule, set prior to the start of the season.  The schedule that includes Sat would be at the Farmers Market.  Ideal candidate has: experience growing and processing flowers, attention to detail, fast hands, understanding of color, teach ability, and excellent people skills (if interested in the market schedule).   Mon-Fri OR Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat; April-early Dec.


Greenhouse work and overseeing of its workings, some greenhouse grown flower & salad production start to finish, and salad packing.  Ideal candidate has: greenhouse experience, ability to work solo as well as with others, foresight, ability to think spatially, and excellent communication skills.  Mon-Fri, mid March-early Dec

Irrigation, Market, & Flowers

Irrigation is an on-going task on our farm as we have sandy soil and over an acre in tunnels.  Each aspect of this position is a team with another person or a couple people, and irrigation work can mean jumping in and out of a harvest.  Ideal candidate has: hardware/tools skills, likes water management, excellent customer service skills, fast and efficient harvest skills with attention to detail, and adaptability. Mon-Fri, April-early Dec.

Veggie Leader

This is a crew leader position, leading a crew of three or more co-workers.  Ideal candidate has: excellent leadership skills, attention to detail and efficiency, has foresight, can manage time and tasks well, and diligent record-keeping skills.  Mon-Fri, April-early Dec.

Details & Compensation

  • Pay is commensurable with applicant’s experience and skill set.
  • Workers must work the complete time commitment.
  • Full time positions have the option of taking five days off during the season, unpaid.  Employees cannot take their week off together.
  • We do not offer housing for any position.
  • We offer workers compensation.
  • There are many farm perks, including delicious salads, veggies and flowers, as well as a fun and productive work experience!

Our farm thrives on a sustainable work model.  If you love farming, working hard, being on a high quality/high production farm, being part of a dynamic and fun team of people, and also having time to enjoy your non-farm life, our farm may be a good fit for you.  We want to cultivate ‘farmers for life’, and have no interest in having a farm that only can exist by having its workers give up their lives for its success.  That isn’t sustainable farming to us!  All of our full time workers work 36-45 hour weeks and can rely on work day hours starting and ending on-time.

Our workers are a vital part of the whole system of the farm.  Check out our Philosophy and our Holistic Goal more information on our holistic approach.

Interested applicants for full time positions should be enthusiastic about local organic agriculture, have a minimum of two complete growing seasons of farming experience, be energetic, be able to work outdoors in any weather condition, be self-motivated, work well with a crew and independently, and have excellent quality control while working quickly and efficiently.  Must be trustworthy, reliable and responsible.

Please contact Missy and Casey if interested.
Email your resume and letter of interest to

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