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Production Manager

Real Pickles is a worker-owned co-operative in Greenfield, MA, producing organic fermented vegetables from Northeast-grown produce. Our mission is to promote human and ecological health by providing people with delicious, nourishing food and by working toward a regional, organic food system in the Northeast. We work to effect positive change for both people and the planet, from our commitment to purchase our vegetables exclusively from regional farms to our solar-powered and energy-efficient facility. Founded in 2001, Real Pickles has contributed to the modern resurgence of traditional fermented vegetables in the American diet and continues to be an industry leader in fermented foods. As a co-operative, each worker has the opportunity to become an owner of the business and participate in shaping its future. We are strongly committed to creating good jobs that support the dignity of all workers.

We are seeking a highly-qualified individual to be our next Production Manager. The person in this role oversees all production operations, supervises our team of production staff, and works with other managers (led by the General Manager) to guide daily operations for our co-op. The position is primarily on-site at our facility, with some flexibility for limited remote work.

Primary duties:
The Production Manager is responsible for ensuring:
• Successful implementation of our annual production plan to procure, process, and ferment 400,000+
pounds of Northeast-grown organic vegetables, and to package them as finished products ready for sale;
• All Real Pickles products are high quality, safe, and delicious;
• Real Pickles’ workplace is safe, respectful, equitable, and inclusive for all production staff;
• Production operations are efficient and timely to meet the co-op’s financial goals;
• Real Pickles’ social mission is advanced through its production operations; and
• All production staff receive effective supervision and coaching.

Specific roles and responsibilities include:
• Collaborate with the team of coordinators and kitchen supervisors to plan and guide daily operations;
• Supervise and provide ongoing support to coordinators and kitchen supervisors, and train and mentor the
latter in managing the team of production assistants;
• Oversee training and coaching of the production staff to ensure product quality and safety, worker safety,
and a respectful, equitable, and inclusive work environment;
• Work with the Vegetable Coordinator to ensure successful procurement of all necessary ingredients, strong
relationships with our regional farm suppliers, and compliance with organic certification requirements;
• Oversee compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements;
• Develop and implement improvements to our fermentation practices and production systems;
• Collaborate with the sales & marketing team on new product development;
• Join in occasional kitchen work as needed;
• Participate in management team decision-making to guide our co-op’s daily operations.

• 3+ years of experience managing a complex operational department with a sizable staff.
• Significant experience with commercial food production, including 2+ years in a management role.
• Excellent leadership and creative problem-solving skills.
• A skilled and compassionate supervisor, coach, and mentor.
• Actively committed to anti-racism work and an equitable and inclusive workplace.
• Experience with shared leadership and collaborative decision-making approaches.
• Highly organized and detail-oriented.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills.
• Strong computer, math, and science skills.
• Committed to social mission-driven business.
• Able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds.
• Experience with equipment preferred.
• Servsafe and PCQI certifications preferred.

• $24 to $27 per hour, depending on experience.
• Paid time off benefit.
• SIMPLE IRA retirement plan with 3% company match.
• Employer-sponsored health insurance plan available.
• Eligibility after one year to become a worker-owner in our co-op.

To apply:
Please email a resume, cover letter, three references, and brief answers to the questions below. Send your
email to

1. Please tell us about your interest in Real Pickles and the Production Manager role.

2. What do you find most rewarding and most challenging about managing a team? How do you go about
addressing the challenges?

3. Our Production Manager job is complex and demanding, particularly amidst current challenges caused by
the pandemic. Please describe prior management experience that required perseverance and your
approaches to it that kept you positive and resilient in a difficult situation.

This position will remain open until it is filled.

RP is committed to an equitable, inclusive and supportive workplace where everyone is treated as a respected
member of the team. We value having a diversity of life experiences and perspectives on our staff. Applicants
who identify as people of color and/or trans are especially encouraged to apply. We are an equal opportunity

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