HIP Onboarding Process for Farmers

Para información en español, por favor llame al 413-665-7100 y pregunte por Mia.

Phase 1: Become a SNAP Authorized Retailer

  1. The SNAP retailer application may be completed online here. Additional documentation will be needed including a picture I.D. and your Social Security Card (or another official document with name and Social Security Number for all principal business owners, e.g. top page of past year’s tax return. You can black out your financial data). You will also need to submit the final page of the application with your signature.
    • On the application, follow instructions as if you are a “Store”, not a Farmers’ Market until you are given the option to select “Direct Marketing Farmer”.
    • Answer subsequent questions as though your farm is a “store”—fill in times your farm stand is open, days/times you sell at farmers’ markets, or have CSA pick-ups.
    • Complete the application to the best of your ability, and note any sections you have questions but leave blank. An FNS staff person will contact you to resolve any questions.
  2. Scan and email all additional requested documentation directly to Debbie Crosby at FNS to expedite your application. If you prefer to mail (much slower process), USDA Food & Nutrition Service, Suite FO-16, 3101 Park Center Drive, Alexandria, VA 22302.

Phase 2: Choose HIP & SNAP Processing Option

Many farms fit into more than one of these categories. Contact Mia to find out how to choose an option that will maximize your sales potential.

Farmers' Market Vendors

Please note that you must choose one of the two MarketLink options to be able to process HIP on a wireless device. If you sell at one or more farmers’ markets, you are eligible for a free equipment package which includes the Mobile Market+ device, licensing and monthly fees*. You can choose between a device that processes credit, debit, and EBT (“MarketLink”) or one that only processes SNAP (“MarketLink EBT-only”). If you are not eligible for a free equipment package, you might consider purchasing a 1-year contract with NDG for a bring your own device (BYOD) option.

  1. Complete the Farmers’ Market Coalition (FMC) survey to receive equipment approval. Once approved, you will receive an email from FMC with a 5-digit code (FMC-00000), with instructions to choose your equipment provider (i.e. MarketLink or MarketLink EBT-only).
  2. For MarketLink option only: Go to the MarketLink application page to access and complete the WorldPay survey (or access it directly here). Once submitted, within 24-48 hours you should receive a call and you’ll be requested Customer Processing Agreement (CPA) which includes your banking information (PDF). If you haven’t received your WorldPay packet within a week after completing the CPA, please contact support@novodiagroup.com. If you have been contacted by WorldPay and still have further questions, please follow-up with your WorldPay representative. If they are not responsive, please contact Frank at DTA. WorldPay sends NDG a file with new clients and then requests FMC approval for shipment of equipment.
  3. When approved, you will receive a “Welcome to MM+” email from MarketLink/NDG which contains important information about setting up your account via MobileEBT.com—please check your spam folder if you don’t receive it shortly after approval. If you do not receive the welcome email, please contact NDG at support@novodiagroup.com so they may resend the email – you should expect a response in 24-48 hours. Complete the steps in the “Welcome to MM+” email.
  4. Once your equipment package is shipped from NDG, DTA will send you an email to schedule a time with MDAR or one of our Regional Buy Local partners to complete Phase 4, below. We want to ensure your equipment connectivity is complete so you may process both SNAP and HIP. Once verified, your device will be activated to process HIP. Please note, if you don’t contact us and if we don’t know you are processing, your customers will not earn the HIP incentive.

CSA Farms

If you have a CSA, consider enrolling in the SNAP CSA Pilot, which allows SNAP customers to pay for their CSA share using an automatic monthly payment system through DTA. This option does not require the farm to have EBT equipment. Contact Abby Getman at DTA to begin the process.

  1. Complete & sign a Memorandum of Understanding (agreement between the farm & DTA).
  2. Send DTA your basic CSA details to customize your Membership Agreement (between CSA member & the farm) which will authorize the use of SNAP benefits and is the mechanism to schedule the SNAP customer’s monthly payment. Spanish translation of the agreement available, upon request.
  3. Based on your CSA contact details, DTA will provide you with a Cancellation Form (in the event a CSA member wishes to withdraw from the program). Spanish translation of the cancellation form available, upon request.
  4. Complete SNAP CSA Pilot orientation.

Farm Stands

There are two EBT terminal options:

  1. Conduent (formerly Xerox) Direct Connect: EBT-only terminals, free through the state. Please note that the terminal requires an analog (non-digital) telephone line and electricity at the point of sale. It cannot accept credit or debit transactions.Once you have your FNS number, complete Phase 3 below, and include the “Equipment Rider”. Conduent will then mail you your EBT equipment package along with a terminal user manual, manual vouchers and a HIP user guide. Contact DTA once you receive your EBT equipment.
  2. Mobile Market Plus (MM+): Wireless option described above, a mobile platform created by Novo Dia Group that processes SNAP and HIP, with credit and debit options as well. If eligible, apply for the Farmers’ Market Coalition (see the “Farmers’ Market Vendors” section above) or consider purchasing a 1-year contract with NDG for a bring your own device (BYOD) option.*Transaction fees associated with credit/debit may vary. Check with World Pay for complete fee schedule.

Phase 3: Complete Conduent Process

  1. For all retailer partners, you will need to complete the Conduent (formerly Xerox) Universal Agreement application in full, pages 1, 2, 6 and 8.
    • Wherever “food or cash” is mentioned, please circle “food”.
    • On page 6, list the days of the week and hours when your farm stand is open or when you are at farmers’ market.
  2. Complete and sign a form W-9.
  3. Scan and email the completed application, W-9 and a voided bank check for your business, to Abby Getman (DTA).

Phase 4: Complete Final HIP Activation Process

Once you have completed the above phases and have received your EBT equipment, please contact DTA so they can schedule a time to review how to process a HIP transaction and to review the HIP basics. You will receive materials in advance so that you may review them beforehand.

  1. Confirm farmer contact and business details.
  2. Review HIP Retailer Activation slides—“12 things you need to know before completing the HIP retailer activation process.”
  3. Confirm how to process a SNAP and HIP transaction, and EBT system connectivity.
  4. DTA will activate your FNS number within their system which will complete the onboarding process and enable you to begin processing HIP transaction. Until this final step is complete, you will be unable to process a HIP transaction.

HIP Retailer FAQ

If I enter a “Purchase Amount” under SNAP and a “HIP Amount” on the next screen, am I charging the person twice?

No – in fact, every SNAP or HIP purchase made with your device should include both a SNAP amount and a HIP amount. The HIP amount is a subset of the SNAP amount, and shows how much of the SNAP purchase made is eligible for the HIP incentive rebate—this means that the amount entered as the “Purchase Amount” should be the entire price of the transaction, including the amount that is HIP eligible. Please remember to enter the HIP-eligible amount for every SNAP purchase, even if the amount is $0.

Can I give a customer a refund on a HIP purchase?

No (unless you have not made any other transactions with the device since the purchase; in this case you can “void last transaction.”) What you can do is offer an equal exchange of other HIP-eligible fruits and vegetables.

Are plant starts and seeds eligible for HIP?

If they are plants and seeds for fruits and vegetables, then yes!

I’m on the wait list for Mobile Market Plus equipment from the Farmers’ Market Coalition. How long will it take to get my device?

Email ebt@farmersmarketcoalition.org to request a status update and to ensure that you have completed all steps you can.

Can I get another EBT device?

Email Mia with questions about additional EBT devices.

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