Organic Certification


Transitioning to Organic Production: an easy overview
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
Includes helpful questions to determine if making the transition is right for your farm, steps required to become certified by the USDA, organic management strategies, pros and cons of making the transition, and a multitude of examples and narratives from real farms who have gone organic in the past ten years.

MOSES: Transitioning to Organic Factsheets
The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Services
Factsheets on transitioning to organic crop, dairy and beef production, and links to great further resources and contacts.

Additional Resources:

Northeast Organic Farming Association
CISA’s organic partner: a community including farmers, gardeners, landscapers and consumers working to educate members and the general public about the benefits of local organic systems based on complete cycles, natural materials, and minimal waste for the health of individual beings, communities and the living planet.

USDA Guide to US Organic Marketing Laws and Regulations
An extensive compiled guide of links to federal laws and regulations, state laws and regulations, certification programs, background documents, food safety resources, and a complete index to agencies, organizations and titles.

Rodale Institute: Crop Conversion Calculator
Not sure if making the transition is right for you? This tool by the Rodale Institute allows you to create a side-by-side comparison of conventional and organic management on your farm. Just select the crop you’d like to compare and the acreage. They will fill in the rest with historical data derived from USDA and projections from their own research at Rodale Institute.The Crop Conversion Calculator will then show you a line-by-line comparison of the two systems so you can see just how they would stack up on your farm.

Organic Transition Course- a free online tutorial
Rodale Institute
A 15-hour online program from the Rodale Institute designed to help you understand the National Organic Standards and use them as your framework for making the transition to organic production. It’s perfect for farmers who are ready to make the complete transition to certified organic, and for those interested in simply integrating more sustainable methods into their current farming system.

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