CISA Winter 2021 Workshops and Business Assistance for Farms

Farmers, this winter we have put together THREE unique programs that offer the opportunity to work in-depth on your business alongside your peers via group sessions and one-on-one mentorship. While each program below is distinct, the topics complement each other and we encourage farmers to participate in all relevant programs. Please read the descriptions below for more information.

All activities will be held remotely. If you need tech assistance in order to participate in these events, please reach out to Dan Burke Pérez, 413-665-7100 x 26.

1. Making Sound Decisions with Good Data and Practical Framework

Do you have a big decision you need to make for your farm? In this course, participants will be given the tools and framework they need to dive into their data and reach a sound decision, working on their decisions alongside a team of peers. We will address underlying motivations behind decisions using principles of Whole Farm Planning and use an excel financial workbook designed originally for the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board Farm Viability Program Presented by Julia Shanks, Crystal Stewart-Courtens, Stevie Schafenacker, and Rose Wilson.

Within this course, there is a Pre-Series Session that covers “What is good data?” and will help attendees prepare financial recordkeeping data for the main series. All can attend the Pre-Series; for those attending the Main Series and who are not familiar with financial recordkeeping, the Pre-Series is highly encouraged.

This workshop series currently has limited space. Priority will be given to CISA Local Hero members and farmers in the Northeast Region.

See full details, dates, and registration for this course here.

2. Financial Benchmarks for Vegetable Farmers

Join a learning community of vegetable farmers, and see how your farm stacks up against your peers. Financial benchmarks can help you track the financial health of your farm from year to year, understand the typical returns from different sales outlets, and assess how healthy your business is compared to that of similar farms. Participating farmers will attend a work session to complete a detailed survey about their vegetable operation’s finances and will receive one-on-one support and a detailed personalized benchmark report showing how their key financial indicators compare to similar farms.

See full details, dates, and registration for this program here.

3. Livestock Producers: Profitable Meat Pricing Program

You are raising and selling local meat, but are you making a profit? Learn how to price your cuts effectively and command prices that deliver a profit in every channel. This program includes two sessions: “Basic Farm Financials for Successful Pricing” and “Profitable Meat Pricing.”

Currently have limited space. Priority given to farmers in the Northeast Region.

See full details, dates, and registration for this program here.

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