The Pieropan Christmas Tree Farm

119 Pfersick Road
Ashfield, MA 01330
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119 Pfersick Road Ashfield MA 01330
Contact: Emmet & Cecilia Van Driesche
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Growing Christmas trees using a traditional, sustainable, stump-culture method since 1955. Now in a new generation of management, we tie our own wreaths and garlands and sell balsam trees and greens wholesale as well as at our you-cut grove. Open seven days a week from dawn to dusk from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Day. Visit our website to learn what makes stump-culture sustainable.


Carving Out a Living On the Land: lessons in resourcefulness and craft from an unusual Christmas tree farm came out in May 2019 from Chelsea Green Publishing. The book weaves together the story of us taking over the farm from Al Pieropan with practical information about running a land-based business. Whether you dream of farming someday, are actively seeking this sort of life, or just enjoy books like this, I hope you will check it out. The book can be ordered at your local bookstore or anywhere else you buy books.

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