Malinowski Farms

280 West Street
Hatfield, MA 01088
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280 West Street Hatfield Massachusetts 01088
Wholesale: Restaurants, Schools
Contact: Ed Malinowski, Jr.
(413) 247-5500 preferred(413) 247-5500 preferred
(413) 247-9441 (413) 247-9441


The 50th anniversary of 1969 at Malinowski Farms.  I’m red, white, blue and orange proud to produce retro, throw-back, paisley, bell bottom, groovy, long-haired, freaky pumpkins. We have ‘em all:  bandana-ed , braless, burnt out, tie dyed, rebellious and flower powered.  Grab your rose-colored glasses, throw the kids in the back of the van, seat belts optional, spend a quarter on a gallon of gas and load up pumpkins from the most generous farmer in the Valley.  Sock it to me. Peace and Love.

Some more words from Ed Malinowski, the farmer:

I’ve had several, some more loyal than others, never slept with one or walked it to a coffee shop.  I’m talking companion pumpkins! Yes, a limited life span but care and feeding you can forget about, just the occasional caress and life is oh so good. These comforting, plump, adorable confidants, will snuggle, console, delight and demand little.

Our farm counselors pair your needs but surely a special pumpkin will speak to you.  Launching soon: a complete line of companion pumpkin clothing!

What We Grow


Gourds, Onions (cured), Pumpkins, Winter Squash

Farm Stand

  • Malinowski Farms
    280 West Street
    North Hatfield, MA (map)
    (413) 247-5500

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Summer, Fall





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Peach update

There are no peaches for harvest in Massachusetts this year — an unfortunate casualty of increasingly variable weather fueled by climate change. We are keeping the guide updated with information about other fruit that is available, along with farms that are sourcing peaches from other parts of the region.