Sunderland Farm Collaborative

131 South Silver Lane
Sunderland, MA 01375
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131 South Silver Lane Sunderland Massachusetts 01375
Pay With: Credit/Debit, SNAP/EBT, HIP (Healthy Incentives Program)
Growing Practices: Certified Organic, Some Certified Organic Products

COVID-19 Updates

Visit to order organic vegetables from four Sunderland farms along with locally grown and produced grocery items. Product availability will grow as the season progresses. EBT and credit card payments accepted. HIP CSA also an option for SNAP recipients. For more information, visit their website or contact them at


Sunderland Farm Collaborative is a group of local farmers who teamed up to offer products in a convenient online marketplace. They grow high-quality organic vegetables and delicious local farm products here in the Pioneer Valley and deliver to your door every week, year-round. They now have a HIP CSA for SNAP recipients to get fruits and vegetables for free with HIP benefits!

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